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HP wireless setup guide

HP printer models are widely used by most of the customers. Suit for all your day to day print jobs and most of the customers prefer to buy it. To start your HP wireless setup connect all the preliminary requirements.


  • Turn on the wireless icon.


  • Navigate to the control panel.


  • Choose the wireless setup wizard and answer all the instructions of the wizard.


  • If auto wireless feature is available enable it to connect automatically to the network.


  • Download the compatible software visiting the webpage


  • The last and final step is to carry on with the remaining setup instructions.


It’s time to go for quick troubleshooting and get all your print outs in outstanding quality and speed.


To start with the troubleshooting guide it is important to get an idea of the type of error that popup. Error types are many and include network issues, device setup issues, software issues and a lot more.


To get rid of the device software error


If it is a software error we always recommend you to start updating your device with the latest version. There are two methods for software update and it is always important to use the one that is compatible. If the errors still remain you can uninstall the software and install the new version.

Device setup errors

Try to check the device setup steps; print a test page to verify it.


Scan your device

  • Scanning your device is the best method you can follow to get rid of most of the errors. To perform the quick scan we have the most commonly used HP printer scan and doctor tool.


  • Go to our webpage. Start your search to find the tool. Try installing it and run it. This step can help to get rid of any type of error that popup.

Do you require any assistance for HP wireless setup and troubleshooting? Talk to our customer support team Number +1-850-761-8950 right away.